Card Making Ministry


Our purpose is to inspire love and joy through sisterhood and creativity. We welcome every woman, any age, and we believe everyone is artistic. We are happy that the enjoyment we get from making cards is passed to the giver and then to the receiver.

Our ministry began in 2010 when we decided to raise mission money by making greeting cards, for which donations are taken.

A few years along, when we were wondering if we should continue, an awesome thing happened. One Saturday, two church members at two separate yard sales, each came across hundreds of rubber stamps, and they, Pam Bloom and Becky Keefe and her friend, generously donated them to our ministry. At the top of the pile of stamps was a set that included the words blessed, grace and believe. What a sign from God!

In 2015 we were blessed again. Card makers Dee Fassett and her sister Elsie Aunger created a reference notebook. They organized and numbered all 700 stamps in our cupboard, which now contains its own amazing work of art!

Through the years, the money we have raised by collecting donations for cards has been given to a variety of charities. In the fall of 2015 and the spring of 2016, we expanded our ministry to include card making events for the Presbyterian women of Ashtabula. These creative gatherings taught card making techniques and participants made cards to take home.

Through the grace of God, we have been inspired to bring joy to others. We feel so blessed!

Click Here to see some card making in action