What’s Happening


Congregational Meeting –   On Sept 10, 2017 the congregation voted to purchase the property immediately adjacent to our church.  The cost of the property is $25,000. There was some question at the meeting about the current value of the property.  A search of the Ashtabula County Auditor’s site shows that the property is valued at $21,500.  The buildings add to the value, but we feel that the building is not worth saving.  However, now that we will own the property from street corner to corner, the value of our entire property is expected to be higher.  We have also eliminated the possibility that the abandoned house would be used for less than desirable purposes.

We are planning to hold congregational get-togethers to develop a plan of what we want to do with Trinity and expansion/development of our property.  Your input will be needed.


Fellowship Hosts are needed.  Please sign up on the clipboard located in the kitchen near the coffee pots.




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The Church News in the Star Beacon has a deadline that is on Monday of every week.  If I don’t have information for the following Sunday before that Monday deadline, there will not be any article in the paper.  Please submit in the same manner as Church Life and Newsletter.

If you have any questions please contact
Lynne @ 993-7111 M-F 8:30am-12:30pm

The 2017 Per Capita cost is $29 per member.