PNC Timeline

Below is a time line as to the progress of Trinity’s journey to find new pastoral leadership. The next months will be exciting, tedious, joyful, spiritually fulfilling, frustrating, inspiring, lengthy, and purposeful. The process is one of discernment and will challenge the Pastor Nominating Committee and congregation to listen closely for the will of God for our mission and ministry in this new stage of our life. This is a new step of faith that will bring us together around the common goal of identifying who God is calling to serve our congregation.

The PNC, Session and Presbytery, stay in regular contact with one another so that everything may be done “decently and in order” all the way through the calling and installing of our pastor.


PNC Timeline



CLC = Presbyterian Church (USA) Church Leadership Connection, a national database for congregations seeking new pastors and ministers open to new ministry opportunities
COM = Committee on Ministry, a Presbytery-level committee that assists churches in calling a new pastor
PNC = Pastor Nominating Committee
MIF = Ministry Information Form (a church’s resume that is reviewed by potential candidates)
PIF = Personal Information Form (a pastor’s resume)



Milestone Status

COM approves congregational election of PNC.



Session calls congregational meeting to elect PNC.  Done
Congregation elects PNC. 7/2015
PNC meets to team build and elect its own officers.  Done
PNC prepares MIF.  Done
PNC submits MIF for session approval. 12/16/2015
PNC submits MIF to COM. 12/11/2015
COM approves MIF. 12/15/2015
PNC uploads the MIF to CLC. 12/17/2015
CLC provides PIFs through matching. 02/18/2016
PNC reviews PIFs, selects ones to interview. 03/14/2016
PNC conducts initial interviews by phone. Reads or listens to sermons. 03/28-3/31


PNC informs COM of intent to complete informal face to face 04/14/2016
PNC plans meet and greet informal interview

PNC informs COM of planned candidate visits.

PNC entertains candidate and spouse.

PNC travels to neutral pulpit to hear candidate preach.

PNC selects final candidate; makes offer to candidate; negotiates terms of call.

PNC sends terms of call to Stated Clerk of Presbytery; informs COM. 06/01/2016
COM authorizes candidate to preach candidating sermon and grants permission for Session to call congregational meeting. 06/03/2016
Candidate preaches and congregation elects new pastor and votes on terms of call. 06/26/2016
Candidate accepts offered call 06/26/2016
Pastor ordination into Presbytery of the Western Reserve 07/25/2016
First day in office as Trinity pastor 09/01/2016
New pastor preaches first sermon 09/11/2016
Pastor installation 10/02/2016
Welcome Pastor Mark Mong to Trinity Presbyterian Church!